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February 05, 2008



Hi Elana,

For the itchy belly... try some straight up aloe gel, like what you would put on a sunburn. My doula suggested I use that on my itchy belly when I was pregnant with Michael and to my great delight the itchiness disappeared. I've also used baby oil (the kind with aloe in it) too. If you can tolerate the greasiness, the oil helps with the itchiness and helps the super stretched skin relax a bit. And it's a great way to get Roland to give you a belly massage - a great thing in those last few weeks of pregnancy when it feels like your whole belly is going to explode!


My goodness the crib looks amazing! What an adorable room for baby! You really did a great job on those letters Elana! What a lucky baby he is to have such a crafty mama.
And I agree with previous poster, you need to moisturize your belly and have a little massage. I used to put it everyday right after my shower, it helped a lot.

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